Testimonies to treatment received at Cirencester Chiropractic Centre.


Two and a half years ago, for no apparent reason, I developed pain across my left shoulder. I found it difficult, particularly when driving, to look over my right shoulder when turning or reversing the car.

My GP suggested an X-ray which revealed age-relatedarthritic degenerative spinal changes. I was advised that, apart from taking painkillers and physiotherapy, little could be done. My daughter, an experienced physiotherapist and her husband, a GP, agreed.

Months of physiotherapy, followed by acupuncture at the hospital did not alleviate the pain.Eventually I was referred to the Pain Management Clinic. Naturally I was extremely disappointed when injections into the painful area provided no relief.

I sought treatment privately, first with a physiotherapist, then an acupuncturist and finally, two osteopaths. There was no improvement in my condition.

Two years later, in desperation, and having in the past been reluctant to have my body 'manipulated', I considered chiropratic treatment. I happened to come across the amazing testimonials on Cirencester Chiropractic Centre's website and made an appointment to see Alastair

It's now six months since my treatment with Alastair began. From almost the very beginning I was astonished to find that the pain disappeared, as if by magic. I still have no pain but continue with treatment to help me look after my body. I am most grateful to Alastair for his kind and gentle manner, his wide knowledge and experience and holistic approach to health.

66 year old female   


"I was told to 'live with my pain'!"

I would encourage others to attend Chiropractic sessions and start to look after their bodies naturally. I have lived with pain for years following accidents, assaults and general neglect.

As a patient of a pain clinic, I was told to "live with my pain" and was taught how to do this. My husband would not accept this and took action.

I have felt shame at my lack of mobility, movement and loss of every day function, I've had to stop swimming and going to the gym. In this time I have gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of confidence! Since having treatment I've stopped taking daily pain medications and gained height! I have an increased mobility and have begun exercising again. My goals were to increase mobility and to return to the gym and I am almost there!

Having treatment is not just having someone manipulate your body, it is not having something done to you! You work with your Chiropractor to "heal yourself!" You re-learn how to mobilise, stand, sit and look after your body. I've been introduced to SRI at the clinic which I love! It has aided me when ill with flu and a stomach bug! It has calmed my nerves in traffic and when studying, given me a sense of calm in grief and for the first time in over 20 years, since breaking my nose I can now breath through it without difficulty.

"I feel free!"

The best gift my husband has given me is making me attend treatments and re-evaluate my life - I feel free!

Michelle P.

"Alastair is top dollar!"

I was recommended to Alastair in my early 30's as I had a bad back due to a golf injury. I have the highest regard for what he has done to help me overcome this, sustain an active lifestyle and maintain a sense of well being. Benefits I would not have initially expected, but are great outcomes. Alastair is top dollar! I am now in my 40's and very active. He is preventing me from feeling like an old crock!!

Lloyd W


"I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into my health.  The changes to my health since having treatment with you are immeasurable.  You have given me back the quality of life that has been missing for a long time - THANK YOU."

34 year old Dentist


"As my husband's back pain had been helped by Chiropractic treatment I decided to give it a go."


During my first pregnancy I had experienced both sciatica (leg pain) and S.P.D (symphysis pubis dysfunction or pain in the pubic/groin/pelvic areas) which made walking and getting up from a seat painful and difficult.

With my second pregnancy I started to experience the same pains much earlier on, which concerned me.

As my husband's back pain had been helped by Chiropractic treatment I decided to give it a go.

The pubic, pelvis and leg pains I was experiencing quickly resolved and with a few more check ups I remained well for the rest of the pregnancy.

This was a great relief as the sciatica and symphysis pubis dysfunction had been quite debilitating during my first pregnancy!"

34 year old Mother

"I like the very holistic approach Alastair brings to my treatment!"

Good chiropractic care – and by that I mean specifically SOT – has become a vital part of my training programme for track cycling, allowing me to compete at all levels, elite and masters, domestically and internationally.

Many years ago, I sought help to ease back and knee pain that threatened to put a stop to what was, back then, just a hobby.  My GP had offered me pain killers and a surgical

consultation, but I felt that there must be other options.  After trying physiotherapy and osteopathy with little success, I eventually found SOT care and it gave me immediate and lasting results.  Now it is a fundamental element of my programme, enabling me to train more intensively and effectively, optimising recovery between sessions and ensuring I get the very best out of myself in competition.

I believe in creating a no excuses environment for racing and that involves controlling the controllables as effectively as possible.  Health is a difficult one to control, but regular SOT keeps me strong and healthy.  I know that if my body is not properly aligned I cannot hope to train effectively, or to perform at my best and the margins in competition are so small, that I am in no doubt SOT has helped me not just to win, but also to set records which I hope will stand for many years.  In fact I am continuing to set personal bests in my mid 40’s.

Personally, I like the very holistic approach Alastair brings to my treatment; I get advice on nutrition and managing my recovery and immune system, which are so critical for any athlete.

That Alastair continues to study gives me confidence that I am benefiting from the very latest knowledge in many areas of natural healthcare.  In short, I believe the care is so good and so effective for me that I don’t want my competition to find it!

Janet Birkmyre

Janet took up cycling in her late 30’s and has since won 14 World Masters track cycling titles and set three World Masters records.  She has also won the elite national women’s track series six times and medalled at every year at the elite national track champions, including one elite national title



"I have such a sense of wellbeing that I haven't had for such a long time!"

Mrs B Clark (79)


By Mrs Justine R

My daughter Rosie broke her elbow whilst doing gymnastics, had 3 pins and the consultant said that it would be highly unlikely that it would be straight again!

She found the joint very stiff and was very nervous about using it. After several sessions with Alastair the arm is now straight.

Thank you so much for all the help and exercises given to Rosie. She is back using the monkey bars.


By Mrs Frances Skull

I came to the practice when I had a slipped disc. I was treated extremely well. For 20 years, I had been unable to drive more than 1 hour before I needed to take a walk as I had pain in my back, but now I can drive anywhere for whatever time with no pain at all.

Driving to North Yorkshire to see my family is now a great joy thanks to the treatment for my chronic back problem. However, I do still take breaks on long journeys, but it is now my choice and not enforced because of pain.


By Chris Mike

Just over ten years ago, I walked through the door of Cirencester Chiropractic Centre. Actually to say that I walked in is a little inaccurate. I was hobbling, supported by a walking stick and looking like an invalid in their late 80’s rather than a man in his mid 30’s. I didn’t know what was wrong with me except that I could barely walk. My whole world had been turned on its head by debilitating pain. I didn’t know it at the time but I was suffering from a severe disc prolapse.

In the previous weeks, my GP had referred me to a specialist who in turn had proposed immediate surgery. I was told that there was a 90% probability of a successful outcome. When asked about the 10%, he explained that the worst case was fatality or confinement to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. On the upside, I might only suffer something ‘as simple as loss of bowel, sexual or urinary function’

I did not consider these to be good options. I wanted to know my alternatives.

When a friend, who had made an excellent recovery after a riding accident, suggested chiropractic, I immediately agreed. It seemed to me that I had absolutely nothing to lose.

My treatment involved many months of gentle manipulation of the muscles and tissues to rebalance my body and alleviate the pressures and strains on my spine. The pain gradually receded. Pain is often part of the healing process – it is the body’s way of stopping you making things worse. Pain killers can mask the pain, but that’s dealing with the symptoms, not the cause. Remove the pain and you might hide the symptoms and delay the cure.

For a long time, my quality of life remained at a level far below what I would have liked. The loss of mobility was the loss of freedom. The constant need to manage pain wore me down. Life stopped being fun. I became resentful.  It just seemed so unfair. Why had I been singled out for this? It was hard to focus on the tunnel, let alone see any light at the end of it. By being in this waiting room, it’s possible that you will know how this feels.

I assumed that the reduction in pain signalled that everything was back to normal

I stuck with chiropractic and slowly but surely, things got better. The pain began to lessen and the mobility began to come back; any vigorous exercise remained out of the question but at least I was walking again. On several occasions I did what most people do, I assumed that the reduction in pain signalled that everything was back to normal. It wasn’t – and there were several times when my attempts to return to ‘normal’ activities led to sudden and unpleasant setbacks. There were several painful reminders that the process of healing through chiropractic is a slow one. It is not an overnight ‘miracle cure’.

Today I lead an active life. I know my limitations and I acknowledge that some things will never be the same; however getting out of bed cautiously, or avoiding lifting heavy loads is a small price to pay for freedom from pain.

There are many things that you can do for yourself and your chiropractor will tell you what they are. It’s important to follow the advice you are given; I didn’t always do what I was told to, and I invariably paid the price for it.

Above all, maintain the faith. Things will get better and you will turn the corner. It just takes time and no small amount of personal determination. Victories are rarely won without a fight and someone who isn't willing to fight is beaten from the start. You have taken the first step by being here today.

I have just returned from a 700 kilometre solo traverse across Iceland. If you had forecast that ten years ago, I would have agreed that you needed specialist care, but at the same time suggested that you were in the wrong waiting room.

Good luck. The outcome is just as much in your hands as it is in the person treating you.