Date: Tuesday, 08 January 2013

Weight gain?

Feeling toxic?


Lacking in energy?

get GOing with our UltraMeal and UltraClear Plus Food Plans


Follow the plan for excellent detox or weight loss results


UltraClear Plus pH is a nutritional food supplement designed to support healthy energy production and detoxification. 
UltraClear Plus pH provides a comprehensive range of nutrients scientifically formulated to nutritionally support the liver and its metabolic pathways, so that toxins may be more effectively removed from the body. Because of the large and comprehensive range of nutrients UltraClear Plus pH is taken in the form of a convenient drink or shake. Mix 3 scoops ) of UltraClear Plus pH with approximately 250ml of pure water, diluted fruit juice (no citrus) or vegetable juice and consume immediately. UltraClear Plus pH can also be blended with fruit, or a milk alternative into a delicious smoothie.

UltraMeal is a nutritional food supplement designed to support healthy body composition and blood sugar balance. UltraMeal provides a comprehensive range of nutrients that have been scientifically selected to support healthy blood sugar metabolism thus helping to ensure that your lean muscle mass (energy reserves) is preserved at all times. There are three different types of UltraMeal product, including UltraMeal, UltraMeal WHEY and UltraMeal 360.

Your UltraClear Plus pH Food PlanThe UltraClear Plus pH programme is simple to follow. The UltraMeal program designed to nutritionally support health challenges while promoting a leaner body composition for long-term health

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