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Date: Wednesday, 07 September 2011


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Saturday 24 September

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Many of us choose to ignore the warning signs

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Is your body trying to tell you something?

Roads would be extremely hazardous if we didn’t have highway codes to follow. Unfortunately we don’t have a code book to understanding the natural laws of health or a proficiency test to assess our ability to safely travel through life.

People often repeatedly violate the natural laws of health and are then surprised when health consequences result. People often violate these health laws without realising, as we are not taught them in a compulsory, structured and comprehendible manner.

Symptoms are usually the primary concern of patients seeking healthcare. Sometimes people choose to live with the symptoms they experience until they interfere with their normal life to a particular degree. The prognosis, or outcome, for most health conditions is considered to be better with early treatment intervention. Chiropractic is no exception to this general rule. Please contact us to find out how Chiropractic care can benefit you.

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