Chiropractic, Although the general public perception of chiropractic is spinal manipulation, similar to that of osteopathy, there are actually many different treatment approaches utilised by chiropractors. Over 100 chiropractic techniques have been recognised within the chiropractic profession, ranging from strong force applications to gentle touches. We are thus able, to adapt our approach to suit the most appropriate requirement for your condition. Some of the Chiropractic techniques we utilise are SOT, NSA and ART.


Symptoms are usually the primary concern of patients seeking healthcare. Sometimes people choose to live with the symptoms they experience until they interfere with their normal life to a particular degree. The prognosis, or outcome, for most health conditions is considered to be better with early treatment intervention. Chiropractic is no exception to this general rule, so if you think that you may benefit from our help, please contact us as soon as possible.


Whatever you are looking to achieve in respect to your health, we may be able to offer you a valuable opinion in understanding your body and how it may be helped.

To maximise your potential in respect to health, like other areas of life, requires personal effort, contribution and skilled assistance.

In our role of providing natural healthcare, we continue to study extensively, following world leading health experts, and provide education to both practising healthcare professionals and lay people.

We continually further our knowledge and skill and have undertaken additional post graduate chiropractic qualifications to extend the quality and range of chiropractic expertise that we provide.

We take time to explain our findings as we believe that by unravelling the mysteries of your body with simple language, you will achieve a greater understanding of your health and how to optimise your healing and future potential.

We recognise that your own health is crucial in order to fulfil your family and social roles, as well as to lead the life you wish for.

Our commitment to established, leading and innovative approaches to natural health is central to the practice.

We aim to make your relief as rapid as is appropriate and safe for the benefit of your long term health with the objective of lasting healing.

The specialist techniques we adopt have enabled us to assist many people, often including those who have been unresponsive to other approaches.

We look forward to the opportunity of assisting you to greater health.

Alastair Atkinson,  McCoy Tinsey.